Our Presence at ICIHM: Blended Learning and Integrative Medicine

ICIHM Conference


By Caroline March-Long, VP Marketing & Sales at Scitent

Scitent’s team attended the International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine (ICIHM) last week in Germany.

The conference focuses on integrative medicine, an approach to healthcare that puts the patient at the center. It takes into account the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. And, this conference is important to us because holistic health and integrative medicine are growing fields worldwide.

Interestingly, eLearning is not as developed in many parts of Europe as it is in the United States. But at ICIHM, we talked to many attendees about the concept of blended learning.

For acupuncture or homeopathy, for example, the attendees told us they want to offer online learning. But, that also must be coupled with the “human touch” as part of the training experience. This is where blended learning can be extremely effective.

Scitent encourages blended learning for organizations that want to slowly transition away from in-person training to online training. It’s also effective for organizations that offer certification in an area that requires some “hands-on” skills training or testing of what was learned.

Blended learning is also a great option when training directors want to offer online learning leading up to a live event or meeting. Wouldn’t it be great if all of your workshop attendees came to the meeting with the same level of understanding about your topic?  By offering pre-event online session, your on-site training can be that much more productive and engaging.

At ICIHM, our team was introduced to some interesting healthcare fields, including anthroposophic medicine, therapeutic eurythmy and rhythmic massage, just to name a few. Healthcare is clearly an ever-growing field. Judging by what our team experienced at ICIHM, we’ll need eLearning to train professionals the world over in these exciting new areas!

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