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5 Reasons You May Need an Extended Enterprise Learning Management System

Guest blogger: Christopher Pappas – Founder, eLearning Industry
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Christopher Pappas

Finding the right LMS is an endeavor that nonprofit and for-profits rank as critical to the success of their educational initiatives. But, when looking for an LMS, consider that you might need an Extended Enterprise LMS to deliver online training resources to your external partners.

Here are the top five reasons you may need an Extended Enterprise LMS:

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  1. Generate Additional Revenue Streams
    Many Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems feature eCommerce integration, but you should also look for systems that offer a way to sell and distribute your courses – not only in bulk to organizations, but also via resellers and affiliates – offering you a greater potential audience. Look for Extended Enterprise solutions that allow your partner organizations to have an administrator role in your system. They should be able to order courses on-demand and then be able to track their own learner engagement, as well as access solid analytics and reporting tools.
  2. Increase Productivity And Company Profits
    Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems require an investment. However, they have the potential to increase your partner network and company profits. Your external partners gain access to your branded courses which helps them train staff or resell to their learning network. Cloud-based systems can support branded portals, so that each of your partners can have a relevant and personalized experience for their learners.
  3. Improve External Partner Engagement
    External partners who are fully engaged and actively involved get more from their online training. Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems make online training easily accessible. This enhances corporate learners’ engagement and motivation. It also improves knowledge retention and recall, which means that your external partners are able to apply what they’ve learned in the real world.
  4. Increase eLearning ROI
    All of the aforementioned benefits improve the effectiveness of your online training program, thereby maximizing your eLearning ROI and resource allocation. External partners get the online training resources they need to represent your brand and seal the deal. Developing an accurate corporate eLearning budget before you invest in a new LMS is essential, as is clarifying your online training goals and objectives. This helps you determine which tool is right for your organization based on budgetary constraints and desired outcomes.
  5. Use Analytics to Grow Your Business
    Extended Enterprise LMS platforms often provide a level of business intelligence and analytics that allows a company to measure the health of their eLearning business down to specific metrics on channel and learner engagement for each course. What courses are being consumed? How are learners accessing and interacting with the course assets (video, games, etc.)? Information is power, and an Extended Enterprise LMS should include strong analytics and reporting features to inform your plans and support your growth.

In short, one of the most important aspects of an Extended Enterprise LMS is its great potential to grow your business. These days, distributing your learning content only within the “four walls” of your organization can place severe limitations on ROI. In addition, the ability to dig deep into analytics to glean important knowledge on your learners can be invaluable as you plan for the future. When you know – at a deep level – what is working, you can build a better roadmap for success.

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About Christopher Pappas:
Christopher Pappas is founder of the eLearning Industry’s Network, the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning field. Christopher holds an MBA and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU.


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