ASAE Annual Meeting Recap: Inspiring Associations to Take Online Learning to the Next Level

by Robert Sublett, eLearning Director at Scitent

Scitent just returned from this year’s American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting, where the theme was What Inspires?” During our many meetings with executives who lead associations of all sizes, we learned some key things that we thought we’d share – particularly for those who couldn’t join us this year.

  • Online learning is more important than ever for associations.
    Many associations already have an LMS, and some offer online learning to their members, but few have launched a true online learning business. Guided by an effective business strategy, an association’s online learning program can offer value-added member training that creates new revenue streams. With the right distribution technology and business services, organizations can turn their LMS into an “extended enterprise” – taking their content to new learners, accessing untapped revenue, attracting new members and extending the association brand beyond its traditional reach. Do you have the necessary expertise and resources to build a business case for your association’s online learning program? We can help.
  • Business services are necessary to succeed.
    It takes more than an LMS to get results. Sure, the learning platform is the hub of your eLearning machine. But there are also key business support services that need to be in place to build significant online learning revenue streams. This includes everything from a learning call center to marketing, financial services, reporting and sales. The entire mix is needed to help your association reach, sell to and support new learners. Are you prepared to offer all of these services to support your online learning? Scitent can provide the support you need.
  • Bandwidth and resources are universal concerns.
    This brings us to the last point – resources. As you can imagine, supporting your online learning business can be time consuming and requires a lot of expertise that you simply might not have in-house. Our best advice? Take an honest look at your internal resources and know-how in each of these key areas, then enlist a partner to fill in gaps as needed.

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