From the Scitent Vault: One of Our Most Popular White Papers

By Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO of Scitent

In this post, I’d like to revisit one of Scitent’s most popular white papers, “10 Critical Components for a Successful eLearning Business.” For the past two decades, we’ve been on a journey of discovery with our clients – gaining valuable insight into what works best in building a business from online learning. The list of best practices outlined in the white paper took shape over those years and it’s just as relevant today in helping organizations and companies plan their approach.

Content is just one piece of the puzzle
Do you consider your online learning program to be “very successful?” If you have a hard time answering that question in the affirmative, you’re not alone. In fact, less than 20% of associations and nonprofits answer yes, according to a survey from the consulting firm Tagoras.

The problem? Too many organizations think content is king when it comes to online learning. But the truth is content is just one piece of the puzzle, and you need all the pieces in place to be successful.

Online learning can enhance your bottom line
Building an online learning business allows our partners to generate revenue not only to build sustainability, but to create opportunities for investment.

Scitent white paperWe’ve identified 10 critical components that must be in place for building an online learning business – and customer-focused content is only the beginning. Download Scitent’s white paper to see the full list and start building your own strategy.

Need help?
As you work through our checklist for your online learning business, consider if your organization can implement it with existing resources while continuing to serve your mission and meet commitments to your members. If you could use a hand, contact us at Scitent.

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