Dr. Larry Gimple Scitent

One of Charlottesville’s Distinguished Dozen…


Every year, around the holiday season, The Daily Progress presents a series of stories profiling 12 Central Virginia residents who, in their jobs or other pursuits, make notable contributions to the community. This year, we are proud that Scitent’s own Dr. Larry Gimple, MD, has been selected as one of the “Distinguished Dozen”!

Dr. Larry Gimple Scitent

Dr. Larry Gimple

A cardiologist for the last 30 years with the UVA Health System, Dr. Gimple has always taken matters of the heart…well, to heart. He had the foresight to recognize the need for online continuing medical education, thus leading to the creation of Scitent. From his work in the field to his passion for his community, Dr. Gimple has embraced the opportunity to impact lives around him and spearheaded a program designed to provide life-saving education teaching youngsters to swim who otherwise may not have learned.

“He’s a big champion of community health and specifically access for low-income, at-risk and underserved populations, and his role on our membership programs and outreach committee directly helps fulfill that mission,” said Jessica Maslaney, CEO of Piedmont Family YMCA.

Dr. Gimple has been involved in swimming since learning to swim at the YMCA as a young child. His sons also swam with the Charlottesville YMCA Aquatics Club swim team. After reviewing the results of surveys and learning that there is a large percentage of the community who never learns to swim, he decided to explore what could be done to help. This led to collaboration with several local organizations to develop learn-to-swim programs.

“Because I love to swim, and because my boys always loved to swim, and because it’s dangerous not to know how to swim, we became interested in exploring, learning what we could do in the community to help mitigate that,” Gimple said.

In addition to the learn-to-swim initiative, Dr. Gimple has helped to facilitate the Charlottesville Walks with Heart program, and also worked to connect the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program to the UVA Health System.

We at Scitent appreciate the gift of knowing and working with Dr. Gimple, and we celebrate him for all his achievements.

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