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Deb McMahon, PhD

Deb McMahon, PhD

As President and CEO of Scitent, Deb sets the strategic vision for our award-winning eLearning business and technology services, applying nearly twenty-five years of experience in education to help organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) develop their eLearning business.

Should You Certify Your eLearning Content?

Highlights from our white paper, Part 1 By Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO of Scitent Credentialed or certified eLearning programs can offer a real strategic advantage for your organization, providing a high-value experience for your learners and boosting brand reputation for you – among other benefits. But, where should you start? If you’re not prepared, this can be a complex and overwhelming process. …

Are you Ready for 2016?

Key Elements of an eLearning Strategic Plan 

By Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO The New Year has come and gone, and many organizations have finalized or are putting the finishing touches on their strategic plans. Do you have a strategic plan to really expand your eLearning business? After talking with Scitent’s business, course design and technology experts, I recommend the following five eLearning strategic goals to drive …

CME Course Design

Want to Design Effective Online CME Courses? Here’s What to Avoid.

By Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO of Scitent You can’t just simply take the live or print CME activity and put it online. Creating effective online CME resources requires the integration of a variety of content formats, interactivity, topic expertise, and an understanding of the needs of your audience. Given Scitent’s extensive experience in online CME, I’d like to shares the five …

Leverage User Data to Improve Products

Using Customer Service Data to Improve Your eLearning Products

by Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO Over the many years we’ve had a customer support center, Scitent has spoken to a lot of end users. In addition to resolving learner concerns, our customer service center also analyzes user feedback as a key data point for improving our eLearning products. The three primary objectives for our eLearning customer support center are: 1. …

Expanding eLearning to New Audiences

Five Keys to Growing the Reach and Revenue of Your eLearning Program

by Deb McMahon, PhD, Scitent President and CEO (excerpted from ASAE Associations Now) When it comes to eLearning, there are three measures of success. Have you successfully created a set of eLearning courses that meet the needs of your learners? Are current learners aware of and taking advantage of your eLearning offerings? Have you leveraged your eLearning programs to get in …

What to Consider When Moving Continuing Medical Education Online

By Deb McMahon, PhD, President and CEO of Scitent Over the last ten years, continuing medical education (CME) has changed. Traditionally, CME has been a live-only activity, but now the format has evolved to a blended learning/computer-based model. And most importantly, CME learning is not just about receiving information in a passive way, but now CME providers ask learners to show that they can …