After more than 20 years in the eLearning industry, we remain committed to the same goal.

We help healthcare providers do their best work by providing compelling, relevant online learning opportunities that facilitate better decisions in complex and often time-pressured situations.

Working with us…

Our work isn’t project-based, it’s partner-centric. We want to learn your business and contribute to your growth and success when and where it fits your strategy and budget. 

Once our talented team of Engineers has done their magic, the real work begins. To ensure your learners are supported and your business needs are met, you have an extended team that is always available to you:  

  • Dedicated client manager
  • Experienced technical service center team 
  • Financial services & reporting
  • Learning content & assessment development experts

Scitent’s name is derived from two Latin roots: “sci," the Latin word for “knowledge” and “tent,” the Latin word for “hold.”